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Amit Naamani is an artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. He is almost done with his studies, studying Visual Communication at Shenkar College in Tel Aviv, towards his final project and the last semester.

At the moment his work is divided between two, on one side he explores digital collages in Photoshop, and on the other side he works within his sketchbooks and diaries, writing and making abstract spreads full of random papers and pieces of thoughts, lines from songs and quotes from movies that i watch. 

Amit loves to work inside of Photoshop and really dissect an image digitally, he finds it as some sort of a digital galaxy where layers are being build into something new, and all happens inside of the computer, influenced from the internet and the fast paced era of images that we are living in. He thinks that his work has a strong aesthetic influenced from fashion, tattoos and the psychedelic sixties.

Amit also loves to build a surreal world, sometimes referred as "Modern Dada" a digital landscape where things are being connected together in a beautiful, violent but relaxed way. He was always into portraits and in the last year or so started to use a lot more landscapes and nature elements, Amit thinks its a part of his wish to travel and witness more of our world. 

He has a lot of artists that inspire him, most recently he saw an exhibition in Hamburg and saw the works of Dawn Mellor, a series of 9 portraits that really influenced him, and now Amit is trying to work her oil paintings in his digital collages. Another thing that inspired his latest work was the movie "The Hateful Eight" by Quentin Tarantino, Amit seems to like everything Tarantino is doing. Another artist that Amit always has in mind is Rothko, according to him there is something in those huge abstract pieces that he is so impressed by, and in a way they  haunt him. 

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