Meet Molly Scannell

Molly loves making art in every capacity. She loves people. In fact, it’s the uniqueness and individualism we all poses as humans that she finds interesting, the fact that people are fragile and so intellectually beautiful all at the same time. The reality of Molly's work is the one that she makes for herself. She finds it incredibly satisfying and "activates endorphins in my brain like running 5 miles or rowing 10 miles" us she stated.  Marshall Arisman, whom she met her freshman year in collage as an illustration major, said: “You either lead the work you do, or you follow it. And if you follow it, it will take you somewhere.”  Its not about what that somewhere is but the road you take to that somewhere. Molly is on a journey and she is excited to see where she is headed each day, week, month, year.

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Instagram: @a_collage

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