Meet Nadia Stasinou

Nadia Stasinou was born and raised in Athens. She is a strong believer, of the atmosphere, that minimalistic images can create. She studied Graphic Design and worked in Print Media & Advertising for years. Passionate, about everything that involves learning, what really defines her as a person and artist in life is her powerfull aura about everything in and between creation. Her strong love for design, typography, photography, documentation process, characters, writing short stories & designing murals is the base. Today she works as a character designer, curating art workshops for kids under the umbrella of "Imaginary Rooms” a small creative studio, that participates in various artistic projects and follows the philosophy that “spontaneous expression and self-awareness build a society with a consistent basis”.

She's the Founder of Concrete_Project, a Greek headquartered small business “by father & Daughter” makers of concrete things. She often says "Simple is good.” She's constantly, collaborating with creative agencies and people who love to make notes, connect and work with enthusiasm. Eventually, for her its all about creativity and interacting with life!

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